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    About us

    San2 Sustainable Innovation was born with the illusion of being able to help other people and companies to realize their needs. From a small office we try to find the technological solution that best suits the needs of the client, with the firm objective that they are understandable and self-manageable by the same client in order to ensure sustainability over time.

    San2 is formed by a multidisciplinary team of people excited about their work and with the desire to achieve excellence in each task they undertake, with the motto "to do something wrong better not to do it". We undertake each project with great enthusiasm and with the motivation to be as happy as possible doing what we enjoy. Each email is our first name because San2 does not make sense without the people who make it up, since behind each line of code or display is a bit of us.


    Ramón, defines himself as an entrepreneur, adventurer and dreamer. With the gift of people. Lover of nature and motorcycles. His restlessness has no brake and goes out of his way to help others and leave a mark on the world!


    Pepa, strong and fighter. As a wise person, he won't stop asking what he doesn't understand. It demonstrates its effectiveness with actions and not with words, since it firmly believes that the path is made by walking. He checks everything hard and in this way he manages to minimize the errors of the San2 equipment. Above all, he treats us all as people and that makes us do our best. The glue that every team needs.


    Diego, bohemian and suspicious with a refined sense of humor. Half Spanish and half English get the best of both worlds. He does not make an analysis without studying the details of it and does not ask a question without having disseminated the possible answers. You can always count on him and never be discouraged by the most difficult of challenges.


    Jorge, noble and dedicated knight from the lands of the Cid Campeador. Great person above all. He tries everything with great perseverance and makes sure to analyze each new step carefully. Sometimes interface is quiet but he will not hesitate to express his opinion if you leave him space to do so. Willing and hard-working, he has adopted the values ​​of the company as his own and with his unique charisma he helps to build this company with principles.


    Our services

    We are integrators since we understand that it is where we can provide the best of our versions. We understand that there are many good solutions in the market, but as in any good discourse, nobody is right, if not the union of all points of view. Therefore, since the union is strength, we try to find the best solution with the union of those technologies that seem most interesting, giving our clients the ability to obtain the best results with the resources available to them. We call this concept  INNOVACION SOSTENIBLE.

    Genetec developer partner

    These extension developments show our ability to integrate technology into the outstanding, industry-leading platform GENETEC. This monitoring environment is a robust platform that allows users to interact with a wide range of survaillance devices from a single location.

    Soluciones de Centro de Mando y Control a medida

    We have carried out the design, engineering, development and execution of a Central Alarm Receiver with a sophisticated real-time video surveillance system for the construction sector. This project aims at modernizing building-site guarding.

    Uspace, gestión de espacios inteligente 

    Uspace automates tasks that take a long time and are not essential, which saves costs, optimizes time and devotes time to what is really important: managing your business. From the application you can open rooms, control the light on and off and give access to the selected areas of your space.

    Research & Development

    From SAN2 we are committed to the Development and Innovation of new products and services, so part of our team focuses on research.


    Tecnologías de OPtimización de la gestión de infrAestructuras para la prevenCión de Incendios fOrestales

    San2 Innovación Sostenible, S.L participates in a research project, in collaboration with the University of Vigo (UVigo) and with the other participating companies: Extraco Construccións e Proxectos S.A., Conexiona Telecom S.L. and Aeromedia Uav, SL.

    The general objectives of the TOPACIO project are to optimize the infrastructure management processes in the primary network of the biomass management belts, for the prevention of forest fires and their effects in their critical environment through the study, development and application of technologies innovative cross-sections focused on inspection, monitoring and information management systems of the environment

    The project started in April 2018 and will be developed until the end of 2020.    


    Servicio Geolocalizador Embarcado


    From SAN2 we have presented a candidacy in BFAero for the granting of a subsidy to be able to develop a dual positioning system embarked on Drone, allowing geolocation and / or communication through any operator in the 2G GSM, 3G WCDM, 4G LTE and 5G in areas without coverage.

    Such a solution would help the search for missing persons in scenarios of bad communications, even null, is a common occurrence for security forces. Cash and resources are allocated to deal with operations in which the reaction time plays against them and not always with the expected final result. This problem is solved by facilitating the location of individuals, without displacement of embarked personnel, minimizing human risks and allowing geolocation for eventual subsequent rescue by security forces. Costs are minimized by avoiding manned flights increasing value added to the use of UAVs



    If you have any question, comment or a need we may solve, pleas write to us! We will be happy to assist you.

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